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AAE FastSet Fletching Glue - 9gram Large Tube

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2015):
Why mess about with mixing epoxy, faffing about with cheap unreliable superglue or tape?
I have used this glue for a long time and the only time it has let me down is when I didn't use it properly! It is an excellent glue, very fast setting and strong enough for any archery task.
I shoot wooden arrows from a 45lb Flatbow. I use the glue for my nocks, the fletchings (feather) and a spot on the screw on piles to prevent them coming loose. I place a feather in the fletching clamp, run a bead of Fast-set gel along the edge, pop it on the clamp, count to three and it's done. Yes, it really is as fast as that. I'm not sure I would shoot them straight away but an hour or so is all it takes to go off fully. I have never lost a fletching when using this glue.
Trust me, I'm an archer!
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