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CMA - Custom Made Arrows

The CMA philosophy and process.

At CMA we make it our mission to build the best arrows in terms of accuracy, durability and longevity whilst offering premium arrows at the lowest possible prices. Every single arrow is a labour of love that carries a very high attention to detail.

To incorporate all these factors, the thing that we lavish the most on your arrows is time. It's easy to do things badly but perfection takes application. We spend between 2.5 to 3 hours of every set of 12 arrows. We don't rush as we want the best possible outcome. This is something that can't be done in the normal retail environment.

An example of this is that each and every shaft is swabbed internally and every point is cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to insertion and adhesion to remove any manufacturing and cutting residue to give the best possible bond.

Likewise, all shafts are cleaned in the same way before wraps are applied or nock pin systems are fitted.

We only use the finest adhesives from top manufacturers such as AAE, Easton and Bohning and our extensive experience has taught us which is the best one to use depending on the application at hand.

Component manufacturers go to great lengths to provide us with products of micro tolerances for consistency. Therefore when we build arrows we have to make sure that everything we do is just as consistent.

We index all of the nocks to precisely the same position to ensure that the vanes are in the same place in relation to the wrap seam. This can also help to maximise any wraps with graphics and yields a set of visually identical arrows.

Before a set of arrows is shipped to the customer we flex check every single vane to make sure it's properly seated and bonded. The nock indexing is then re-checked for alignment.

All archers are individuals and rarely are two sets of arrows ever alike. We like to work with our customers, actually speaking with them to clarify their needs and offer advice and answers to any technical questions. CMA is not just a service for the elite of our sport as we cater for archers of all levels and build arrows for all budgets with the same exacting quality.

Of course, we've also got access to an infinite design of arrow wraps providing you with a staggering choice of cosmetic but functional plain or printed arrow wraps, name labels and decals offering you the chance to really personalise your arrows and make them something special. All of our prices include wrap and or label fitting.

As we are not a shop, we are not tied to what components are stocked. This means that there are far more combinations to choose from and we will happily source and build pretty much anything for you even if you don't see it listed on the website.

Please do contact us if you do have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements for your new set of Custom Made Arrows.

Use our contact form or live chat to get intouch today for your personalised arrow quote.

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