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CMA has a very organic and humble beginning. In 2010 Adrian was totally disillusioned by the quality of arrows being supplied to beginners and existing member of the club where he was coaching. The enthusiasm and enjoyment of new members was being sapped by their new arrows falling apart. Adrian decided to eradicate the problem by making all the arrows for new members. The natural progression was then to offer the service to a wider audience. This was the birth of CMA and people soon realised they had been paying too much for inferior arrows and business increased. 2011 Saw the launch of a range of deluxe finger slings. The popularity of the slings was way beyond expectation. They were soon taken up by three main retailers where they became, and still are a best seller.

CMA then started to undertake large commercial arrow orders due to CMA reputation for durability & longevity. Archery clubs and related businesses began to contract CMA to revamp existing inventory and also supply new arrows. Several years and a few thousand arrows later Custom Made Arrows had established itself as a leader in retail precision arrows.

2016 was a seminal year for the business. Apart from being very busy with customer arrows, it was an Olympic year with the games in Rio. Top UK archer Patrick Huston approached CMA to make his arrows for Olympic qualification. Of course we obliged and Patrick subsequently qualified with a great performance at Nottingham. Patrick then used CMA arrows and finger slings at the actual games. This was then followed up by Paralympian compound shooter Nathan Maqueen at Rio and other archers making Team GB with CMA arrows. Adrian was also selected to become a staff writer for Bow International in their “Ask the experts” section of the magazine. Bow International also published a large interview article with Adrian in issue 109 which you can read here.

CMA is constantly evolving and spending a lot of time carrying out research and product testing every time a new vane or glue hits the market. This means there's always a lot going on behind the scenes to keep current. Who knows where we go from here, but we do hope you'll come and join us on the journey.

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