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Building arrows to Olympic standard takes time. Time is the most important element. On average we spend four hours producing a set of competition arrows and capturing all the data. Arrows take as long as they take to be perfect. This is one of the many things that isn't done in the normal retail environment where there are time constraints.

All arrows from ACG upwards are automatically weight matched. This is the process of weighing all the components down to 1/100 of a grain and cross matching them to produce arrows that are as identical as possible down to 1/10th of a grain. The customer is provided with a data sheet of full values. As far as we know, no shop offers this service.

To get a great bond on vanes and points we ensure that everything gets thoroughly cleaned inside and then air dried before any adhesives are applied.

We will only use the finest adhesives and primers from top manufacturers some of which aren't even available in the UK. More importantly, our experience has taught us which glue to use depending on the vane/surface combination. We never cut corners and we always use impact resistant adhesives where needed. To help with the weight matching process, plastic vanes will always carry identical amounts of glue beads. As we're obsessed with neatness and precision, you can expect very tidy arrows that aren't caked in excess glue.

Before shipping, we check every vane/wing for correct seating and alignment and all nocks are properly indexed for the given bow style ensuring your new custom made arrows are fully ready to shoot.

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