BREXIT EU customers; please read the information HERE

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EU Customers

As you are probably aware, the UK left the EU on the 1st January.

Political and personal opinions on this aside; this has had a detrimental effect on both UK to EU and EU to UK trade.


This page details (to the best of our knowledge) the effects of BREXIT on EU residents buying from

 - Until July 2021 - theres is a customs/VAT free limit on goods arriving into the EU from the UK (and other non EU countries) of 22 euros + postage. During this time we do not charge you VAT. (After July another system will be in place where by VAT will be charged once again.)

 - Any orders totalling over 22 euros before postage MAY* be liable for local VAT, duty and other postal fees on arrival that you will have to pay to receive your order.  *I say may, as its a little inconsistent - you might be lucky and your package passes customs without charge, you may not.


Unfortunately this is something out of our control, we cannot even tell you how much the charges will be as your local customs and postal services will decide these.  

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